I’m Curtis, your intuitive life coach

I am passionate about life, personal growth and spirituality. Throughout my journey, I've come to understand the importance of healing from your past. Working the last several years as an intuitive has given me the opportunity to play a role in the the transformation of many lives. With the help of a higher power, I've dedicated my life to the service of others. Working Together we can help you become the next best version of yourself!

"If you are not emotionally involved, you are not givng your best effort."
-Curtis -

My mission is to help people find peace through healing to
Grow, evolve, and live from their heart.

Ascension Academy
Masterclass series


Curtis is like a breath of fresh air. He’s so easy to open up to and his information is spot on. Curtis is genuine and down to earth and makes me laugh! I absolutely look forward to sessions with him. It’s like talking to an old friend with amazing insights!

Erin V.

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