What are Starseeds and Lightworkers?

What Are Starseeds and Lightworkers?

There are many different definitions and explanations of who starseeds and lightworkers are, but they’re basically people who have come to Earth to assist in healing the planet through individual transformation, inner work, and spiritual growth. No matter where you’re from or how you got here, you’re on Earth now, whether you like it or not! And no matter what your backstory was that brought you here, you can assume the role of lightworker if you want to help heal the world in some way. Here are the primary definitions of lightworkers and starseeds.

1) Introduction
At first, starseeds may not appear to be all that different from other humans. After all, they look just like you and me. They work in any number of occupations from blue-collar jobs to white-collar careers. They come from middle-class families or they are born into wealth. Some have been on their own since childhood, while others have a string of failed relationships behind them. But at some point in time these individuals start to feel something…different inside them.

2) Starseeds
Starseed individuals who have decided to come into a physical body on Earth for a very specific reason. These star beings may not remember their origins, but they know that they have come here to participate in something grand; something pivotal to humankind’s evolution. Many of these beings will find their purpose through spiritual study, meditation, yoga or simply quiet contemplation. It is very likely that they will become involved with alternative healing practices such as acupuncture or Reiki.

3) Some Common Traits of Starseeds
Many starseeds are artists, musicians, teachers, healers, writers or other spiritually-minded professionals who work with others on their life paths. Many are outspoken advocates for personal growth, environmental sustainability and human rights. Some of them struggle to survive in an environment that isn’t always sympathetic to such causes. People often find themselves working as soloists rather than being part of large organizations, which can create a feeling of isolation as they may feel like there is no one else like them out there.

4) Life Paths
Those who’ve heard of reincarnation might be surprised to learn there are people whose souls have been around for millions of years, having slipped into Earth time and again to work toward a greater good. These starseeds or lightworkers—people who hold wisdom from past lives—often possess great psychic ability; they are here to assist humanity in rising into its next era, which many believe will be an age of enlightenment.

5) How Do I Know If I’m a Starseed?
So, how do you know if you’re a starseed? There are two methods for finding out. One is to use your intuition and follow the process which allows things to unfold. You can also speak with a psychic medium or clairvoyant who will have more specific information about your soul’s origin as well as what it’s here to do during its time on Earth. A psychic medium can also provide much-needed guidance, particularly when it comes to letting go of any heavy emotions that may be holding you back from living a full life in your physical body.

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