Level 3 – The Light Warrior

Level 3 includes everything from Levels 1 & 2 AND gives you access to my online courses.

  • Each course is designed to take you 4 – 6 weeks to complete and will be available for the remainder of your subscription.
  • Instant access to Free to Be – Unlocking the True, New and Authentic You
  • Available June 6th -“Tame the Pain: Healing from Emotional Grief, Trauma, and Betrayal”
  • Available August 8th Crushing Limiting Beliefs – Triumph Over Your Inner Obstacles
  • Coming SOON
    • Train your Brain – Prime Your Mind to Win at Life
    • The Art of Resilience – How to Conquer Challenges and Achieve Your Goals”

These courses are the supreme icing on the cake that is included on top of:

  • Weekly Crystal Readings – The beginning of each week I will connect with spirit and post a Crystal Reading to offer intuitive guidance for the collective.
  • ALL my Solar and Schumann Resonance updates can be found here FIRST and all in ONE PLACE!  No Longer do you need to go searching for them on social media.
  • New Blog Posts will be added weekly to an ever-growing library of exclusive content that is geared towards helping you evolve into the next best version of yourself.
  • Access to my page of additional resources where you can explore and learn more about Space Weather, declassified information, and historical data that others may have intentionally left out.
  • Your Name added to my website and social media posts as a proud supporter


  •  PLUS
    • New Guided Meditations released Monthly
    • e-Books that are ready to download and yours to keep.
      • A Beginners Guide to Setting Healthy Boundaries – “NEW”
      • How to Disagree Respectfully – A Guide to Getting Along in Tumultuous Times – “NEW”
      • Tapping Into Your Intuition – There has Never Been a Better Time to Know Thyself – Releases 2-22-22
      • Fueling the Flame – Living with Passion and Purpose – Release date set for July 7th, 2022
      • The Flow State – Achieve Maximum Productivity and Happiness -Release date September 9th, 2022
    • Join me monthly on Zoom for live Q&A’s!  I will answer your questions live about crystals, the cosmos, energy, relationships, any and all things spiritual and metaphysical. These will be scheduled in advance and at various times to accommodate your busy schedule and multiple times zones.

AND, NO censorship!

FINALLY, I can speak openly and share my perspectives on reality and what I truly feel is happening!


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