Spring Equinox 2021 – Santal & Coconut


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Welcome to Spring!

The Equinox presents and balance of light and dark paving way for brighter days ahead. Spring is the time for new beginnings, new life, and a wonderful time to reinvent yourself.  For these creations I decided to use Bronzite because it helps to repel negative energy. I opted to use Green Aventurine and Pyrite as well because they are my two best go to stones for manifesting and attracting prosperity, health, abundance and overall well-being.

These Candles are Larger  in size finishing off over 12 ounces.  “Most of my candles are 8.5 oz”

Choose your scent!

Since these are being made special on the Equinox they will need about two weeks to cure before they are ready to ship which would be the first week of April.


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