Smudge Variety Pack


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3 – Pieces Palo Santo Sticks

1 Ounce – Frankincense Resin

1/2 – Ounce Dried Loose Leaf White Sage

1 – Tumbled Black Tourmaline 

1 – Roll of 10 Charcoal Tablets

These are self-starting charcoal tablets. To use, simply light and once you notice it ignite, the entire piece will activate and you will have at least a half an hour to 45 minutes to use to burn your, Palo Santo, Sage, & Frankincense.

Instructions: Remove a tablet from sealed roll and place on a charcoal holder or other heat resistant item. Light the edge of the tablet and it will then light across its surface. The tablet should be left to burn out in the holder, if it needs to be extinguished before it if fully cooled you may do so with water.

Ground Your Energy, Say a Prayer for Protection and Cleanse!

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