Level 1 – The Alchemist

$5.55 / month

This level is for those looking to make change and are interested in personal growth. All of my content is geared towards helping you expand your awareness and transform your reality.


This level is for those of you have appreciated and supported my work for the last several years.

  • Weekly Crystal Readings – The beginning of each week I will connect with spirit and post a Crystal Reading to offer intuitive guidance for the collective.
  • ALL of my Solar and Schumann Resonance updates can be found here FIRST and all in ONE PLACE!  No Longer do you need to go searching for them on social media.
  • New Blog Posts will be added weekly to an ever-growing library of exclusive content that is geared towards helping you evolve into the next best version of yourself.
  • Access to my page of additional resources where you can explore and learn more about Space Weather, declassified information, and historical data that others may have intentionally left out.
  • Your Name added to my website and social media posts as a proud supporter.
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