Leopardite Jasper


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Some crystals and stones are great for everyday use, and then there are others that are good to pull out when you could really benefit from their vibration.
This is Leopardite Jasper! When you are balanced it is GREAT for everyday use but I have also found that this one really has more of an emotional pull. It tends to bring a lot of negative emotions to the surface almost as if they can bubble up out of nowhere. This is great for when it is anticipated and this is your intention but it can also catch you off guard of you are unaware. It is a good choice to use when really needing to process guilt or shame as it offers insight to help you heal and let go of this energy that sits in your subconscious.

Leopardite Jasper is said to promote feelings of self-acceptance and is believed to help you be more understanding of others. Use this stone when you are struggling with judgment or are in need self-forgiveness. Meditate with the intent to help release these emotions and replace with love and self-acceptance.

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