Full Snow Moon



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This is the last Full Moon of Winter and it has certainly lived up to its name this year.

I am using Chalcopyrite, Pyrite and Apatite for this creation which will be made under the Full Moon on 2/27/21.

Chalcopyrite is a rather mystical stone which is associated with the crown chakra and is also known as Peacock Ore.

Pyrite is great to use when manifesting but it also helps you to achieve an overall sense of well-being.

Apatite is great for self expression and obtaining the motivation to express yourself.

This cycle is pushing a lot of transformational energy your way, make the most of it and let your true colors shine.

Scent is a light floral mix of Jasmine and  Chrysanthemum with hidden notes of white tea, ginger, mandarin and Bergamot.

These will need two weeks to cure and they will be ready to ship by 3/12.

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