Tillandsia Terrarium – Beach Bowl


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Beach Bowl Contains-  Tillandsia Air Plant, White Sand, Sand Dollar, Recycled Cork, piece of wood, and Green Colored Glass pieces.

Glass Bowl is 3.5 inches in diameter.

If you are new to the Tillandsia World they are also known as Air Plants.. In Nature most are found living on trees. The roots on Tillandsia only serve as a way to anchor to trees as they get the water they need from their foliage. They are  low maintenance houseplants and do great  within a few feet of a window.   Indoors you will need to occasionally  mist or soak your Tillandsia, no fear I will include a care sheet with more specific instructions.

Your Terrarium will be made to order and may not look identical to the one shown but I can assure you I will send the best representation possible. Everything will be packaged separately and easy to assemble.

 Once  payment has been received, orders will typically ship within 2 to 3 Business days. I will ship your order as soon as possible and notify you with shipping information.


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