On stormy days, I revel in the sustenance of the rain.

Take these affirmations and make them your own!


On stormy days, I revel in the sustenance of the rain.


When the clouds roll in, others talk of gloom. I see the silver lining. Clouds bring rain, and rain sustains life.


The darkest clouds are the densest. I am excited by the downpour, because I know that somewhere, a stream or a lake is being filled. Dirt is being washed away. Plants and animals are being nourished. Heavy deluges can cause flooding, but it is only temporary.


As the rain lightens and the clouds begin to break, I consider what can be accomplished when the raining concludes. I search the sky beyond the walls of my home, and sometimes I find a rainbow.


Other times, I observe beams of light breaking through the cloudscape, providing the plants with further nourishment.


In my life, I recognize the need for events like rain.


Occasionally, I need the dirt washed away. Like a plant, I require a refreshing downpour. Sure, the clouds above me appear ominous, but I know they bring sustenance.


I weather every storm—at work and at home—with an optimistic perspective. The storm always passes.


Today, I help others see the bright side of an impending storm in their lives. My ability to find the good within the gloom, and envision the value that a storm brings, can help others to discover the positive elements that can occur with the storm.


Self-Reflection Questions:


  1. What is the worst ‘storm’ that I have survived?
  2. Is it always possible to find positive elements within a destructive or undesirable event?
  3. What is the most productive way to weather the storms of life?
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