How to Heal Yourself with Energy Frequencies

Energy frequencies are vibrations which you can access that will affect your body in specific ways. When this concept is new to you, the idea of using energy frequencies to heal yourself may seem totally bizarre and far-fetched, but if you open your mind to the idea, you might find that they can be useful tools for healing your body and reaching your health goals faster than with any other method or modality of healing that you’ve tried before. Here are some tips on how to use energy frequencies to speed up your own self-healing journey!

1) Introduction
To understand how healing frequencies can help you, it’s important to first know how they work. This isn’t complicated science, but if you want to experience their beneficial effects, you need to understand what’s behind them. Once you do, there are several ways in which these energies will help improve your life.

2) What are energy frequencies?
In short, frequency is a measurement of how many times something happens within a specific period of time. In science, you’ll often hear it compared to a wave, because energy can be transmitted from one source to another—much like a ripple moves through water as a stone falls into it. One example of frequencies at work can be found in your car’s radio.

3) Proof that energy frequencies can heal us
We’re surrounded by a variety of frequencies. There are those we can see, hear, touch and feel, as well as those that are invisible but still impact our lives on a daily basis. Learning how to tune into these vibrational energies is an important part of spiritual development and personal growth. In many cases, negative energies can be trapped within our bodies and keeping us from leading balanced lives. Tuning into these vibrations allows you release them so they no longer have control over your life.

4) Tuning Into Vibrations
In order to heal yourself, you must first know what is vibrating. In fact, every thought you have leaves a vibration in your body. If it’s a thought of anger or unhappiness, that vibration may be negative and thus more likely to attract pain and disease into your life. Positive thoughts of love and happiness will do just the opposite. Therefore, attuning yourself with positive thoughts creates more of a balance in your being and more of an ability for you to connect more effectively on all levels of being.

5) Practical Application Examples
We will look at some examples of how energy frequencies and vibrations can be used in practical terms. A good way to start would be, in all aspects of life, is to really examine what you are focusing on. This could be thoughts or emotions in relation to relationships or even in relation to your daily tasks. Whatever it may be, if you feel yourself becoming frustrated, stressed out, worried etc… check in with yourself and see if you are focusing on that feeling.

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