How to Differentiate Between Intuition and Insecurity for the Best Decisions

Life-changing decisions can be so intimidating. You spend days and even weeks
juggling between the options in front of you. All you really want to do is make the
best decision, but it’s stressing you out. Your gut instinct tells you to go one way, but
you still hesitate.

Indecisiveness can make some situations more difficult than they actually need to be.
But what’s causing your indecisiveness? You’re probably allowing insecurity to cloud your judgment and cause you to second-guess your intuition. Don’t worry – it happens to everyone.

Here’s how you know intuition is guiding you in the right direction:

1. It’s constantly on your mind. Your intuition pushes you to constantly think
about the impact of a decision. It’s difficult to get the thoughts off your mind
when deep down you know the right thing to do.
Avoid underestimating the power of your intuition!
2. You feel sad when you go against your intuition. You usually feel relieved
when you choose the option your intuition tells you. You feel as if a weight has
been lifted off your shoulders. So, if you feel heavy after the decision, it means
you’ve probably made an unfavorable choice.
It’s possible to feel sad after a tough decision if there is a negative impact
on others. But that sadness should go away quickly if you’ve made a
decision that’s truly right for you.

If you’ve fallen victim to any of these scenarios, you’re probably being impacted by

1.You ask for the opinion of others. Usually, insecurity manifests itself in doubts.
If you find yourself asking others for opinions on your potential decision, it
means you aren’t fully sold on it yourself.
It’s always okay to seek advice. However, you’re grabbing at straws if
you’re allowing opinions to take precedence over your own thoughts.
Bear in mind that the opinions of others may very well be based on those
people trying to fulfill their own needs.
2.You’re considering the feelings of others first. When you consider how your
decision can affect someone else first, chances are you’re insecure about
something. If you’re struggling with a decision that will be life-changing for you,
consider your own feelings first.

Are you afraid of what others might think? Or are you concerned about
how they may view you after the decision? Remember that those who love
you will support you in whatever decision you know will be best for you. The
opinions of others aren’t your priority – you are!

Your values and morals are reflected in your intuition. Once you develop a system for
decision-making based on your values and morals, it’s likely going to be much easier
to make important decisions. After a while, you’ll realize that the most important
opinion is your own.

Embrace your decision-making abilities so you can eliminate insecurities.
You’re a wonderful person who deserves to confidently go through life. Start by
believing in yourself and taking bold steps based on what your instincts tell you.

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