Fascinating Facts about Healing Crystals

Fascinating Facts about Healing Crystals

If you’re thinking about incorporating healing crystals into your holistic medicine cabinet, it’s important to know the history behind their use. For centuries, these rocks have been used to cure illnesses ranging from physical ailments to psychological disorders, and researchers are still learning more about how they work every day. What are the most interesting facts about healing crystals? Read on to find out!

1) Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egyptians believed that quartz crystal was one of the purest forms of gemstones on Earth, so they often carved them in obelisks and placed in tombs to honor their deities. They also used certain crystals to heal illnesses. Ancient Egyptians for example, incorporated amethyst into their burial garments because it was thought to shield its wearer from evil spirits. Over 2,000 years ago, these people laid down guidelines for how to use healing crystals at your home or when you’re sick. These ideas have been passed down through generations and are still being used today in modern times.

2) Ancient Greece
The earliest recorded history of crystals can be traced back to approximately 300 BC in Ancient Greece. In that time, they were frequently used for divination and scrying (looking into a crystal to gain information from it).

3) From Hot Springs to Crystal Rooms
Ancient Greeks and Romans would seek out hot springs known for their healing powers. They’d then submerge in tubs of water surrounded by certain crystals, which they believed absorbed their illness-causing energies—in other words, thermal therapy (hot springs) + crystal therapy (healing stones).

4) The Value of Natural Stones
While any natural crystal can be used for healing, it’s thought that certain stones hold unique properties. If you’re looking to align with a specific energy, like Love or Power, then choosing crystals like Rose Quartz and Green Aventurine is beneficial. Meditation with one of these stones may help enhance your focus and stimulate positive transformation. Other crystals believed to help heal include: Clear Quartz (to amplify intentions), Labradorite (encourages courage and serenity), Malachite (helps remove negative energy), Blue Calcite (counters physical effects of stress).

5) Hematite – Iron Ore
Hematite is a mineral with a very long history. It was used by many ancient civilizations including Ancient Rome, China, and India. In fact, one of its names is Roman iron because it was so commonly used in Imperial Rome to create knives and swords for soldiers and weapons for military battleships. Today, hematite is mined from locations all over the world.

6) Rose Quartz – Love Stone
Found in most colors of quartz, rose quartz is historically known as a fertility stone. It has long been used to increase love and balance emotions, often given as gifts on Valentine’s Day. Since it works with all chakras, rose quartz can be used to remove negativity and restore one’s state of mind. Physical symptoms that may be eased by rose quartz include headaches, migraines, insomnia and lethargy; however, it also helps combat jealousy or feelings of abandonment.

7) Lapis Lazuli – Gemstone of Communication
Lapis Lazuli is a semi-precious stone and most often a vibrant blue color with gold specs. It was used as a cosmetic by Ancient Egyptians and even Cleopatra herself. For more than four centuries it was called Sapphire of Egypt; its name derived from Lapis which means stone in Latin. That is where we get our word Lapidary from, a stone cutter or craftsman.

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