A Simple Guide to Developing Your Intuition

Developing your intuition can help you gain better insight into all aspects of your life, including your health, career, and relationships. While you may not consider yourself an intuitive person, with some practice you can learn to develop the sixth sense in yourself, to ensure that you have the best chance at success and happiness in everything you do! Here are some simple steps to follow to get started on the path to developing your intuition.

1) Overview
We all know that thing when you get that feeling of déjà vu, or you think about someone for no reason. You see a red car and you think, That’s my friend Bob’s car! but you haven’t seen him in months. These moments happen to us all every day; they help us feel connected with people we care about and make our world feel less lonely.

2) Connecting to the Cosmos
You can communicate with your guides and connect to source in several ways. One way is through meditation and asking them for guidance. Another way is by putting out your intent, which you can do on a regular basis (this is called sending out an intention). There are lots of techniques you can use to do both of these things. As you learn to develop your intuition you’ll continusously learn new signs, symbolds and numbers that will strengthen your realtionship with source while making your connection effortless over time.

3) The Answers Will Come
The truth is that most people already have what it takes to access their intuition; they just need a little help believing in themselves. If you’re ready for answers but don’t know where to start,
give yourself some peace and quiet and explore the various types of meditation. Calming your mind provides clairty when connecting to your inner voice.

4) Trust your Instincts
As a beginner, it’s easy to overthink every situation and get stuck in an endless loop of analysis paralysis. When your intuition starts kicking in, trust it. At some point, you’ve probably felt that gut feeling telling you about something and then it turned out to be right. This isn’t always easy to do, as there are often many factors influencing our decisions. Learning how to tell when you should trust your instincts can greatly help your sixth sense develop. Learning to honor how you feel will help you to avoid learning the hard way. If something seems off, your instincts are trying to tell you something!

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