6 Things That Prevent You From Doing Your Best Work

Doing your best work takes more than just sitting down and working. There are many
obstacles to producing high-quality output.

The best painter in the world won’t do his best work sitting in the corner at a loud
party. An engineer isn’t likely to find a solution to a complex problem after a week of
subpar sleep. You can’t even do a great job of mowing your grass if you’re
preoccupied with your bills.

Your best work requires certain things. It also requires avoiding certain things. It also
requires good conditions. The quality of your work improves as the quality of the
conditions improve.

Avoid these things that prevent you from doing your best work:

1. A lack of focus. Keep your attention on your work and give it the priority it
deserves. Try to put your worries aside and avoid daydreaming while you’re
working. Put the focus of your life on your work if that’s what is necessary in
your situation.

2. Too many distractions. Are you trying to work while keeping your eyes open
for an important email and monitoring your social media feeds? Are you having
a conversation with your children about doing their chores? Trying to watch a
movie in the background? Thinking about your bills?
The fewer distractions you have in your environment, the better your
work will be.

3.Negative emotions. If you’re stressed, angry, jealous, fearful, resentful, or
depressed, your work is going to suffer. If you’re content, peaceful, and
relaxed, the quality of your work will be significantly higher.
It’s very challenging to produce your best work if your life is in turmoil. A
simple, enjoyable life increases the likelihood of doing quality work.
Remember that your emotions are triggered by your thoughts. Avoid
thinking about the negative things in your life while you’re working. When
you’re not working, focus on implementing solutions to deal with those
negative things.

4. Lack of a plan. A great vacation usually requires a plan. You can’t just jump in
the car and drive south. Doing your best work requires having a plan of attack.
What are you going to do?
When are you going to do it?
What resources do you need?
Who else needs to be involved?

5. Failure to do the most important tasks. The most important tasks can be the
most challenging, or at least, the least enjoyable. The hardest exercises are the
most effective. The most effective tasks are often avoided for tasks that are less
uncomfortable. Achieving the best results means doing the hard things.

6.You’re not physically at your best. No one does their best work in a
sleep-deprived state. Your best work requires that you be at your best
physically. Sleep and diet are the keys. Sufficient sleep and good food help to
ensure that the quality of work you produce is worthy of your respect.

Have a regular bedtime and stick to it.
Avoid foods that you know aren’t good for you.
Eat the proper diet.

There are several ways to fall short of doing your best work. Focus, good health, and
a distraction-free environment can go a long way towards enhancing the quality of
your work. Negative emotions and the lack of a plan can also make it impossible to do
your best.
Doing your best requires removing as many obstacles as possible. Give yourself the
best opportunity to do excellent work.

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