5 Easy Steps to Boost Your Immune System Through Spirituality


5 Easy Steps to Boost Your Immune System Through Spirituality

Don’t you just love it when you have the sniffles, but instead of taking medicine you choose to treat yourself with home remedies? Instead of feeling miserable, you feel empowered by your choice to take control of your own health by harnessing the power of your mind and spirit! If you want to boost your immune system through spirituality, these 5 steps will give you the tools you need to get started right away.

1) Gratitude
Take time every day to reflect on something for which you’re grateful. This is perhaps one of the most powerful methods available for boosting your immune system. Studies show that people who practice gratitude experience fewer illnesses, recover from illness faster, and even sleep better. If you’re looking for a way to boost your immune system through spirituality, start by counting your blessings. Gratitude is essential not only in spiritual but also in all aspects of life; it can bring peace and stability in all situations, which will always help you stay healthy emotionally and physically.

2) Exercise
Staying physically active has numerous health benefits, including strengthening your immune system. Exercise is important for immunity because it causes stress on our bodies that helps us fight off infections, says Jena Jones, MD, assistant professor of family medicine at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. When you exercise, your body releases cortisol and other hormones that trigger immune responses in cells that can help ward off infection or disease.

3) Paying It Forward
Giving back can be a great way to strengthen your community ties, help out others in need and improve your overall sense of well-being. Giving has been shown to reduce stress levels, according to a study published in Social Indicators Research. For that reason, simply taking time out of your day to pay it forward is a great way boost your immune system. If you’re looking for another means of giving back, consider volunteering at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen.

4) Meditation
Meditation has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, which can weaken your immune system. If you’re able, try to meditate a few times a week for a few minutes at a time. There are many types of meditation, but whatever works best for you, don’t give up! Just two days of regular meditation has been shown to reduce stress levels by up to 30 percent. In terms of immune health benefits, there isn’t much research yet linking meditation and boosts in immune strength—but many scientists believe it helps activate anti-inflammatory pathways throughout your body.

5) Listening to Music
Listening to music is a great way to put your mind at ease and forget about everyday worries. It’s also been shown that listening to music can improve immune function, making it easier for your body to fight off illnesses and diseases. When you feel ill, crank up your favorite tunes and get ready for a speedy recovery! Happy mind, happy body!


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