5 Ways to Tell You’re Headed in the Right Direction in Life

People tend to wonder if their life is headed in the right direction when things aren’t
going well for them. That presupposes that people enjoy a sense of ease when life
goes well for them. They don’t feel the need to question their life when things are
going well. They flow with events and don’t hesitate because things work.
A life without direction is like a ship without a rudder. If rudderless ships can go in
circles, then who’s to say people won’t follow the same journey?
But whether you’re steering a little or a lot in life, some key indicators tell you
without a doubt that you have the right direction.

How can you tell your life is in the right direction?


Here are five signs:

1. Things fall in place for you. When you’re going in the right direction, it seems as
if the universe is sending you everything you need to get to your destination.
People come into your life at just the right moment, opportunities come
your way, and you get accepted to programs or schools that you never
thought you’d ever be able to join. Sometimes, these coincidences even
look kind of magical.

2. Things that happened in the past don’t bother you anymore. Significant life
changes can make us feel like giving up on our dreams. Losing a job or breaking
off a relationship can be enough to make us feel like we’ve made the worst
mistakes of our lives.
But when you’re heading in the right direction in life, the past doesn’t
bother you anymore. You feel like the mess of your life was worth it, even
if it took years for you to perceive it that way.
Things that don’t interfere with your life don’t seem to matter to you. And
old grudges create no pain at all. You easily let go.

3.You don’t let setbacks hold you back. You bounce back quickly from failure or
rejection. You keep going, even when it seems like everyone else has given up.
Life will have its ups and downs. The difference is, you don’t get tied down
with the emotional turmoil of setbacks. Instead, you learn from them and
carry on for the good times ahead!

4.What other people say bothers you less. It bothered you when your friends
would tell you that you were making a mistake. But now you don’t care what
they think. You’re on your life path, and you expect to find like-minded people
there. When you’re on the right track, you don’t feel a strong desire to seek
others’ approval. You don’t strive to receive confirmation from others to
ascertain the validity of your actions. You may allow feedback from others, but you’re not overly interested in
their opinions and preferences. You are more invested in what you know
works and what feels right to you, and you’re more confident in your
choices and decisions.

You are likely to take more risks and adopt more unconventional
approaches to pursue your dreams. You strive to be deliberate in your
pursuit of success instead of simply reacting to the circumstances in your

5.You tend to build things up instead of destroying them. When your life is in the
right direction, you experience a more significant presence and intensity to
your purpose. You dream bigger and bolder, pursuing those dreams with more
enthusiasm and desperation. You are more comfortable owning up to your failure and figuring out what to do next.

When people make significant changes in their lives, they often resort to nitpicking
their flaws to grow at a faster pace. They scour their past and scrutinize everything
they have ever done in hopes of finding something to apologize for or second-guess.
But when you’re on the right track, you don’t need to second-guess yourself.
You simply plow forward, focused on what’s in front of you and on growing closer
toward your goals. It’s the pursuit of your purpose—not your perfection—that
matters most. And that’s precisely how you know you’ve gone in the right direction.

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